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C.W.O.W. Website
This is the C.W.O.W. website! That stands for
Christian Women On the Web, by the way!
This site has truly been a blessing to me!
I'm very proud to be part of this group!
There are links to all the member sites here!

Make A Child Smile Website
This is a great site that features three
terminally ill children a month, and you can put
a smile on their face for the price of a
postage stamp! Alex has created a wonderful site to share
the children's stories with the world...Please
visit and bless these kids!

Cross Stitch Pals
Do you cross-stitch like me? If so,
this is a great informative and fun site
with lots of great folks on the message boards and in chat!

eBay Website
This is the eBay website! I've recently
discovered how much fun selling on eBay can be!
If you go here, click on "Search" and then "By Seller"
to look me up! My eBay user ID is "kimmieoh"!
See you there!

Web Uplifter
This is Kenny's Web Uplifter Express Lane
site, and it is full of inspirational pages. This
site has been a true blessing for me,
and I'm sure you will feel the same...
So go check it out! (tell him Kimmie sent ya)

~Fancymay's Links~
This site has lots and lots of links
which I found very helpful in creating
this page!

Captain Morgan's Live Webcams
This site has several live webcams in
South Beach (Miami), Ft. Lauderdale, and others.
As soon as you enter, you are greeted by
the sounds of the surf and island-style
music. This is a very cool site!

Saints United Homepage
This is the website for Saints United.
It is an awesome internet ministry that
one of my good friends shared with me!
It's so cool that the internet is being
used to share Jesus with others! 8-)

The Official Jim Brickman Website
The name says it all! If you have never
heard Jim's music, then you must go here
and check it out. Just select "His Music"
from the sidebar and listen to clips.
Two words...Wonderful...Romantic! 8-)

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