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Please bookmark and check this page regularly for free prize draw info (near bottom of page), group info, and updates! Thanks! :) ~K~

HERE'S OUR NEW CHAT ROOM!!! Hopefully all group members will be able to meet us for chat with no problems in this new room - Just click on the CHAT NOW button below to join us! - Hope to see you there on Tuesday and Thursday nights @ 7:00 PM EST! :)

The September Prize draw is a little late, but here it is! The prize will be a small assortment (3 or 4 skeins) of either Weeks Dye Works or Needle Necessities fibers (winner's choice of colors or I can choose for you) - If you have wanted to try these or if you need a few skeins to complete a project, just send in your entry below! :)

The random drawing will be held on September 30, 2002 at 6 PM by me (Kimmie), and the winner will be announced on the board. Please only ONE entry per group member - Thanks!

Please click HERE to return to the Group Home Page on Yahoo!

If you would like your name in the September Free Prize Draw, please enter the info requested below and click on SEND!
Please note: This info is only for my personal reference - No one else will see it! :) ~K~

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What is your mailing address? (In case you win!)